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 For a printed paper or e-mailed copy,

      please contact Ann at


     Note:  not every item will be used for every project, but if you
     have the essentials you will be prepared for
     many  different watercolor classes to come. 
     Essential items are all in red.  Other things can be added
     later or are optional.

     PAPER  (This is the most crucial element--well worth it)                                          
     1 sheet 22x 30 Arches 140lb. Cold Press Watercolor paper,
     cut or torn in quarters (11x15) 
(Blocked Arches paper is ok)
     Professional tube watercolors are more color-full, finer texture,
     and a good investment.  If you are wishing to keep costs down
     buy fewer colors rather than  cheaper paint brands. 
     In the following list, DS = Daniel Smith brand, and
     WN = Winsor/Newton brand.
     These are the 24 colors in Ann's Premium Palette.  Feel free to
     substitute similar pigments.  For starters, buy the ones in red.
     The Daniel Smith Artist's Materials sells an Ann Breckon Set
     that includes the 21 DS colors at a discounted price if you wish
     to have all the colors.  Ask for it specifically.
     (You will need to buy the 2 WN colors and the extra yellow for
     Ann's Spring Green separately)

     1.  WN Quinacridone Magenta
     2.  DS Quinacridone Rose
     3.  DS Pyrrol Red
     4.  DS Pyrrol Orange
     5.  DS Permanent Orange
     6.  DS Quinacridone Gold
     7.  DS Yellow Ochre
     8.  DS New Gamboge
     9.  DS Hansa Yellow Medium
    10.  DS Lemon Yellow
    11.  Ann's Spring Green (a custom mix made by stirring a small
           amount of Phthalo Blue RS into a tube of Hansa Yellow Med.
    12.  DS Sap Green
    13.  DS Phthalo Green YS
    14.  DS Cobalt Teal Blue
    15.   DS Cerulean Chromium
    16.  DS Phthalo Blue Green Shade
    17.  DS Phthalo Blue Red Shade
    18.  DS Cobalt Blue
            19.  WN French Ultramarine
            20.  DS Carbazol Violet
            21.  DS Indigo
            22.  DS Sepia
            23.  DS Burnt Sienna
            24.  DS Quinacridone Sienna

          Synthetic Round Watercolor Brushes, sizes #10 and #12
          (recommended:  "Black Gold", "DaVinci Cosmotop Spin"
           or "Snap" brands)
          2"-3” flat wash brush
(I prefer the “Hake” brush found with
          Sumi painting supplies) 

          Other brushes you can add:                                                      
          Other sizes of rounds  (#6, #14)
          1/2”, 1”, or other sizes of Watercolor Flats
          Rigger (also called Script or Liner) (long, narrow-haired brush)
          Scrubbers (small, stiff brush for scrubbing), smaller sizes

          Lidded watercolor palette with mixing areas   
          (Recommended: the Premium Palette, which can be
          purchased from Ann or from

          PAPER SUPPORT                             
                               18x24 piece of gater-board, foam board, cardboard,
                               masonite or lightweight plywood. 

                               Waterproof the surface if needed

                               OTHER THINGS YOU CAN BUY AT THE ART STORE:
                               Small natural sponge (about fist-sized)
                               Masking fluid (also called Maskoid, Frisket, Resist)  
                               (good brands: Winsor Newton or Incredible)

                               Crepe Square for lifting masking fluid                  
                               Large clips to secure paper to support (2-4)
                               Pencil (Try a mechanical one like the Pentel Clicker,
                               with medium .05 lead)     

                               Soft erasers (ArtGum and kneaded)               
                               Sketchpad for notes and planning
                               Masking tape  (I use 1/8", 1/4" and 1"
                               We use 1/4" the most in class)

                               Container in which to carry supplies                
                               One sheet of Dura-Lar paintable (prepared / sized) acetate
                               (Good as a design and teaching tool)

                               OTHER THINGS YOU CAN BRING FROM HOME:
                               Paper towels, (or large sponge, or old  towels)  
                               Two water containers, about 1-2 quart size                         
                               Pump water spray bottle and pump water mister bottle           
                               Small shaker of salt                      
                               Old toothbrush
                               Hair dryer 
                               Larger old towel for backing paper during wet applications
                               or, a dish-drying pad, sold at many stores in Household Goods
                             Ann Breckon Fine Art   *   425-644-4245    * 
                                       1900 SW Campus Dr. 37-204, Federal Way, WA 98023    

All images and content © Ann Breckon, 1982-present date
Reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited.